Teardrop Book Trailer & Waterfall (Teardrop #1 & 2) Cover Reveal!

The cover of Teardrop was jaw-dropping, and the cover to the second book, Waterfall, does not disappoint. I can’t wait to see these two lined up side by side. The purple and teal mermaid hues will look stunning next to the watercolor golds. I liked the dress from the first one, but this one I think is far more beautiful. It is very magical and sea goddess chic. Eureka looks like an alluring siren who is ready to conquer any challenge that falls her way, and destroy any man who does her wrong. Will it be Ander or Brooks? I’m so sad about what happened to Brooks at the end of Teardrop, but after reading Last Day of Love I’m completely in love with Ander. I’m Team Ander all the way. Waterfall is scheduled to publish on October 28, 2014.

Update: Sadly, the publishers have changed the cover for Waterfall and are redesigning the whole series. See the new cover here.



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