The Selection Stories (The Selection #0.5 & #2.5) by Kiera Cass

74df3-18172471Cover Lust: Another swoonworthy cover! I love the close-up of America’s face. Her makeup is on point, especially those eyebrows! Her expression is confident with a little bit of mystery. I do wish we could see her dress (is it the same one from the cover of the first book?) or the back of her hair. Either way, the model Audrey Hollister continues to dazzle us with her beauty.

Back Blurb: Before America Singer was chosen to compete in the Selection…

She was in love with a Six named Aspen Leger…

And there was another girl in Prince Maxon’s life.

The Book: I purchased both The Prince (#0.5) and The Guard (#2.5) on iBooks when they were first released, but I couldn’t resist buying The Selection Stories because of the bonus content. True, a lot of it is on Kiera Cass’s website, but there’s a lot of great stuff that’s not. The book includes the two novellas plus bonus scenes, playlists, family trees, and a Q & A with Kiera. The second companion book, Happily Ever After, also includes The Prince (#0.5) and The Guard (#2.5), but also all the other novellas and special scenes not included in The Selection Stories. So even if you bought Happily Ever After, it’s still worth it to buy The Selection Stories. A must-have if you’re a die-hard Selectioner.


  • The Prince (#0.5)

♦ Exclusive Extended Ending

  • The Guard (#2.5)
  • The One (#3): Sneak Peak
  • Bonus Content:

♦ Q & A with Kiera Cass

♦ The Chosen Girls: A Complete List of the Selected

♦ What Makes a One: The List of Castes

♦ America Singer’s Family Tree

♦ Aspen Leger’s Family Tree

♦ Maxon Schreave’s Family Tree

♦ The Selection (#1)The Official Playlist

♦ The Elite (#2): The Official Playlist

Exclusive Extended Ending to The Prince (#0.5)A bonus scene that takes place when Maxon makes the first cut of the Selection. He tells the first eight girls they’ve been eliminated and they don’t exactly take it well. He also decides he’s not going to play the game the way his father wants, but the way HE wants. But he’s hopelessly clueless about women, and it’s adorable. We get his reaction when America gives him a swift kick in the family jewels. As we know, he is still smitten by her. Maxon is obviously in for some trouble, and we’re now in love with him more than ever before.

Bonus Content: The bonus content here is pure fun. The Q & A with Kiera is interesting because we get to know her and her writing process a little better. The list of Selected girls is useful because in the beginning of the Selection, there are so many girls that it’s hard to keep track. The family trees offer some insight into America, Aspen, and Maxon’s families before the caste system. And the playlists are fun because the turn the story into a movie inside your head. The theme song for Pretty Little Liars, “Secret” by The Pierces, is one of the songs included! The bonus content is a perfect bedtime read and makes the book a great addition to your Selection book collection. Plus, like the others, the cover is gorgeous!

How much fun was The Selection Stories? Sound off in the comments below!




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