About YA Gloss

Hey there, all you fabulous YA lovers! You are probably visiting this site if you:

  • Love to read YA (obviously)
  • Are attracted to book covers that have girls in pretty dresses
  • Always read the book before seeing the movie
  • Have Pinterest boards dedicated to YA fandom
  • Make Polyvore sets based on your favorite book characters
  • Consider adopting new pets so you can name them after said characters
  • Obsess over love triangles
  • Start randomly fangirling at any moment
  • Check your Goodreads profile before any other social media
  • Have pre-orders through iTunes so you get the latest books a few hours before anybody else
  • Secretly read on iBooks while making it look like you are studying or working
  • Or do any other totally awesome fun things related to reading and books

Well, fangirls, welcome to Young Adult Gloss! I’m Lisa, and I’m a huge fan of Young Adult fiction. Dystopian novels are my favorite, but I will read anything and everything. Currently I live in the Monterey Bay in California, but I’d like to eventually move somewhere new. I have a blind cat named Olivia and a pit bull named Pennie who totally love each other. I secretly want to be a ballerina, travel the world, fall in love with a prince, have a fairy tale wedding (to James Franco), and then write my own kick-ass YA series! Based on my own fabulous romances with princes and movie stars, of course.

I mostly read and review books, but I do post book trailers, movie trailers, and other media. I promise that I will try to make sure I label spoilers! For the most part, what you’ll see on this blog is pretty clean––I tend to stay away from foul language  but can be a bit snarky when I’m in the mood. After all, isn’t YA about fun? If there is anything you would like to contribute (especially fan art), please feel free to comment on a post or contact me privately. Leave a link to your website in the comments. I love connecting with other YA readers, and that’s what inspired me to create Young Adult Gloss.

Scroll down to the right to see some of my most popular posts, or select any of the series and author categories to the right. Check them out and enjoy!



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