Book Sighting: Lauren Oliver on The League

I was catching up on Season Five of one my favorite non-YA shows, The League, and happened to notice that Lauren Oliver is stocked on the shelves of one of Chicago’s free libraries! In Season 5, Episode 3, Chalupa vs. The Cutlet, Taco heads over to the library to meet his army buddy. In one shot you can see both Before I Fall and Delirium, and then in the next shot Delirium is missing. Pete clearly had his eye on it, but it must have either been checked out or Taco got to it first. I’ve never thought of him as a reader, but he probably read my post on Before I Fall and decided to check out Delirium. A man after my own heart. But Pete is obviously upset, so I hope he gets to read it next.

I wonder…is this a coincidence, or did HarperCollins intentionally pay for that subtle advertising? Either way, Taco is hot and Lauren Oliver is awesome. I love seeing cute boys and great books together! 

YA + cute boys + TV = happiness