Torn (Feuds #2) by Avery Hastings

23014695Cover Lust: This cover is absolutely stunning! It has the same chemical-inspired backdrop as Feudsbut instead of the purple it has a teal color scheme. Davis looks like a cosmic-inspired ballerina who’s dancing and floating at the same time. I like how we can see her face and that her hair still gets a lot of attention. I was hoping for a ballerina bun, but her ponytail is lustrous and envious. The leotard is cute, but I’m slightly disappointed that she’s not wearing a tutu or pointe shoes. Nonetheless, the cover is still gorgeous.

Back Blurb: In the final thrilling installment of the Feuds series, Davis and Cole must battle seemingly insurmountable forces to find their way back home–-and back to each other. Continue reading


Rival (Feuds #0.5) by Avery Hastings

22718588The Cover: I like the design and the color scheme; it goes well with the other covers as a novella. Davis looks gorgeous, of course, bearing a slight resemblance to a brunette Jennifer Aniston. I like how we can see only one of her eyes and neither of Seth’s eyes; it’s very mysterious. What I’m not sure about is Davis’s outfit. Her sheer sweater is pretty, but it’s got a lingerie vibe to it. What is she wearing underneath? Is it a nude bra or tank top? Or is that her bare breast conspicuously out on display? Once you see it, that’s what you see each time you look at the cover. But it does add some sex appeal, appropriately setting the stage for the brief romance to come.

Back Blurb: Davis Morrow has always been a little bit afraid to fall in love, to lose her focus, to be anything other than perfect. But while relaxing in an elite spa after another grueling rehearsal for a ballet showcase, Davis meets Seth, a trainer with intense eyes and a chiseled face to match his athletic build…and everything changes. Continue reading

Feuds (Feuds #1) by Avery Hastings

Cover Lust: Beautiful eye-catching cover! It’s got purple, blue, a little gold, a cosmic city backdrop, and of course, a Black Swan-esque ballerina. The only thing I want is more costume detail. Is it shiny, glittery, or have sequins? What about the shoes and stage makeup? I like seeing outfits that really represent the character. Davis looks pretty generic; she’s actually portrayed by a stock photo that has been used on other book covers (like Tiny Pretty Things).

Back Blurb: For Davis Morrow, perfection is a daily reality. Like all Priors, Davis has spent her whole life primed to be smarter, stronger, and more graceful than the lowly Imperfects, or “Imps.” A fiercely ambitious ballerina, Davis is only a few weeks away from qualifying for the Olympiads and finally living up to her mother’s legacy when she meets Cole, a mysterious boy who leaves her with more questions each time he disappears.

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Don’t Stay Up Late (Fear Street Relaunch #2) by R.L. Stine

21853677The Cover: 
Satisfyingly reminiscent of traditional 90’s Fear Street covers. We always got either a ridiculously hot or ridiculously frumpy looking girl on the cover, and this one gives us one sporting mom-jeans and a bad haircut. The creepy figure lurking in the background screams out at your inner child, and the iPad tells you that Fear Street now exists in the 21st century. Nailed it.

Back Blurb: In the small town of Shadyside, don’t stay up late-–because horrible things happen in the dead of night…

Lisa Brooks is plagued with nightmares and hallucinations. Could they be caused by the horrifying accident that landed her in the hospital for weeks? Continue reading

Party Games (Fear Street Relaunch #1) by R.L. Stine

19286536The Cover: Not the usual Fear Street cover with ridiculously attractive teens looking horrified while striking sexy poses, but it does the job. The eerie green light has a slime-like effect and there’s a faint smattering of blood near the bottom. It feels spooky and mysterious.

Back Blurb: The only way to win a game on Fear Street is to be the last one left alive….

Everyone in Shadyside knows that the wealthy and eccentric Fear family has a gruesome history. But Brendan Fear seems different. He’s outgoing, cute, and part of the popular crowd at school. And besides, Rachel Martin has a huge crush on him.

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