The Selection

Kiera Cass’s bestselling Dystopian Romance series is so amazing, it needs its own page. Also, be sure to check out the fan site, The Selected Girls. BEST. SERIES. EVER.

The Selection by Kiera Cass3ed961fb425417cd30d5a7fac80ec87a

The Queen (#0.4)

The Prince (#0.5)

The Selection (#1)

The Elite (#2)

The Guard (#2.5)

The Favorite (#2.6)

The One (#3)

The Heir (#4)

The Crown (#5) – Expected Publication May 6, 2016

The Selection Companions

The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard (#0.5 & #2.5)

Happily Ever After: The Queen & The Favorite (#0.4 & #2.6)


Videos, Links, & Extras

Epic Read’s The Heir Cover Contest!The-Heir_612x925

The Favorite (#2.6) Cover Reveal!

The Heir (#4) Cover Reveal!

The Heir (#4) Cover Shoot & a Christmas Gift From Kiera Cass

The One (#3) Book Trailer

The Selected Girls

The Selection (#1) Book Trailer

The Selection in 4 Minutes (With Barbies!)

The Selection Series Book Sequence

The Selection Stories (#0.5 & #2.5) & The One (#3) Cover Reveal!

The Selection Wiki





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